Attractive Sill Protection Made Easy

Interior Vinyl Window Sills


Moisture not only damages the home, but can lead to dangerous mold and mildew. Sill-Rite sills help protect homes from the inevitable moisture caused by condensation on windows. When installed properly, Sill‑Rite sills help prevent moisture from seeping into the inner wall.

Not only do Sill‑Rite sills protect they are also an attractive accent to any window.

Low Maintenance

East to clean and requires no painting or staining

Protects Against Moisture

Moisture from condensation and minor window leaks can lead to mold growth with drywall or MDF sills. Sill‑Rite is a waterproof barrier that protects the sill area.

Won't Rot, Peel, or Yellow

Sill‑Rite sills are made of the same high-quality vinyl as many window frames.

Two Types of Sills Both made of the same durable vinyl

Standard Sills

Standard Sills provide an economic solution to sill protection. Each sill is butt cut during installation to fit most window openings. Available in standard lengths and depths.

Premium Sills

The distinctive profile of Sill‑Rite's Premium Sills wraps around the sides and are available in sizes to fit most window openings.

Premium Profiles

Two Attractive Profiles

Available for both Standard and Premium sills

Classic Profile

Sill‑Rite’s Classic profile provides an attractive traditional appearance.

Streamline Profile

For a contemporary look, choose Sill-Rite’s Streamline profile.