Why Sill-Rite?

Committed to Excellence in Service

  • Homeowners

  • Protect Your Greatest Investment — Sill-Rite protects against moisture from window condensation, which can lead to mold. Sill-Rite is durable and protects against abuse

  • Easy to Clean — Drywall sills are hard to clean and seem to attract dirt. Sill-Rite is non-porous and wipes clean

  • Virtually Maintenance Free — Sill-Rite is a durable vinyl that never needs painting and won't yellow peel or flake

  • Attractive — Both Sill-Rite profiles add distinction to your home

  • Insurance — Sill-Rite protects against water entering your walls from concealed leaks in windows

Sills take a lot of abuse during construction. Sill-Rite can replace the damaged sill quickly and easily.

Builders, Developers, and Remodelers

  • Fewer Callbacks — Sill-Rite protects against moisture from window condensation. With Sill-Rite, say goodbye to drywall cracks in your sill areas

  • The Right Thing to Do — Drywall was never intended for horizontal surfaces, especially surfaces that occasionally encounter moisture. MDF isn't any better than drywall for sills. Sill-Rite is the right choice

  • Differentiation — Sill-Rite is an attractive feature that makes your homes unique and helps them sell faster

  • Attractive Fix for Final Cleanup — At the end of construction, drywall sill areas invariably need to be replaced. Installing Sill-Rite at this time not only eliminates this repair but adds value to your homes

  • Cost-Effective — Get all the benefits of Sill-Rite for only $400-$600 per home


Window Replacement Contractors

  • Increase Your Revenue — Sill-Rite is a perfect complement for your replacement windows. You can measure for the sills at the same time you measure for the windows. Install Sill-Rite sills when you install the windows. No extra trips to the customers' homes

  • Easy to Install — Sill-Rite sills are quick and easy to install and require tools you probably already have. Full installation can be done in one visit

  • Satisfy Your Customers — Sill-Rite solves the two biggest homeowner complaints: "These new windows reduced my sill area," and "These new windows make my dirty and damaged sills stand out

  • Distinguish Yourself From the Competition — With Sill-Rite, you have something new and unique to offer your customers